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RACE to Be Human – Special Virtual Screening with Health Care Leaders Panel

When: March 27, 2023 | 4pm (PT)
Where: Online 

RACE to Be Human addresses the impact of racism on our mental health through the lens of students, experts and educators.

Created for schools, communities and corporations, RACE To Be Human addresses the apprehension and confusion so many of us feel when it comes to talking about race and racism. The film examines micro-aggressions, allyship and the role of social media. It also shares how we can participate and build empathy through conversations at home, work and school. 

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Community Conversations Covid 19

Community Conversation – April 2023

When: April 10, 2023 | 11am – 12pm (PT)
Where: Online via Zoom (Register Here)

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Case Review – April 2023
An Aging Icon That Was Also a Vulnerable Senior

When: April 13, 2023 | 4pm – 5:30pm (PT)
Where: Online via Zoom 

Speaker: Caryn Isaacs, BCPA

A 70 year old woman fell down a flight of stairs.  A Pandora’s box revealed misdiagnosis, financial fraud and caregiver coercion.   



  1. Determining and understanding the needs of personal review and evaluation by advocates with each client.
  2. Helping a client understand the needs required by their healthcare and financial agents. Then with this knowledge, helping them choose these agents.
  3. Helping a client determine the different options of living and lifestyle for them and then helping them choose the best option.


Caryn Isaacs, Private Professional Patient Advocate finds ways for Aging Icons to continue their life mission regardless of aging or illness.

Caryn has over 40 years of experience helping people to navigate the health system as a former representative of business and labor organizations.

As a leader in the Clinton era health reform movement, Caryn recognized early on that it was becoming increasingly difficult for patients to find a single source of information about health care options, legal issues and financial planning. Caryn’s company GetHealthHelp.LLC specializes in communication between all the players including family and friends or addresses the lack thereof, people known as Elder Orphans.

Caryn Isaacs tells stories and facilitates interactive programs that empower people to zero in on the obstacles and opportunities to reach goals that they never thought possible.

Here’s what people say about Caryn “When they say there’s nothing that can be done, it just means that they don’t know what to do, Caryn always does.” You can see more about Caryn Isaacs and view some of her videos, blogs and stories at GetHealthHelp.com and soon at AgingIcon.com. You can also see her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, plus hundreds of Google spots where Caryn is interviewed as the expert in her field.


The Professional Networking group has requested HealthAdvocateX host periodic ‘peer case review’ sessions to help advocates learn about how their peers are handling cases. The purpose is mutual information exchange and continual improvement of advocacy services.

The HealthAdvocateX Board has approved this activity with the following caveats:

  • Only HealthAdvocateX Professional Members in good standing will be invited to participate
  • Meeting participants will sign a confidentiality acknowledgement in keeping with professional standards at sign in as a requirement to participate
  • Cases will all be presented in a similar format and will be submitted to HealthAdvocateX at least one week in advance of the meeting for consideration
  • The Advocate presenting the Case will do everything to de-identify the person featured in the case review
  • No case information may be shared outside the case review meeting
  • The meetings will be a free, one-hour meeting as a benefit of professional membership