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Community Conversation – December 2023

Home for the Holidays: Public Health News & Tips for Assessing Senior Well-Being

When: December 11, 2023 | 11am – 12pm (PT)
Where: Online via Zoom (Register Here)
Cost: FREE!

Join the HeathAdvocateX Community as we dive into the latest public health news you need to know this holiday season, led by Dr. Chris Price. We will have tips for making the most of visiting with older family members. In this segment we welcome Anne C. Sansevero RN, MA, GNP, CCM, Aging Life Care Association leader, who will be discussing how the holidays present a great opportunity not only to gather with older loved ones but to stealthily observe and assess how they are coping at home as they age. 

Anne Sansevero RN, MA, GNP, CCM is an Aging Life Care Expert and healthcare entrepreneur. She is CEO and founder of HealthSense, a care management consulting company. She is also co-founder and managing partner of Holistic HomeCare Associates, a private home care registry and Home Care Wizards, a consulting and software business that supports and innovates the Home Care registry model. Anne is a geriatric nurse practitioner and certified care manager by training with over 35 years experience in the field nursing, gerontology and health care advocacy. She is a sought after health care strategist, aging thought leader, clinician and national speaker. Anne currently serves as the President of the Aging Life Care Association® a national non-profit organization that supports and promotes the profession of Aging Life Care ®. She is President Emerita of the New York Chapter of the Aging Life Care Association® and is a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

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Case Review – December 2023

Parkinson’s Patients with Advanced Dementia Left In Dangerous Limbo

When: December 14, 2023 | 5pm – 6:30pm (PT)
Where: Online via Zoom
Cost: FREE! | 1.0 BCPA CE Available for $15
(Note: Only HealthAdvocateX Members may join our quarterly Case Reviews.)

In this brief but impactful session, Katherine will explore the rising diagnosis rate of Parkinson’s every 6 minutes, emphasizing the crucial role of medical professionals, staff, and Patient Advocates in educating and supporting patients with extended lifespans. The discussion will delve into reassessing standards of care for Parkinson’s patients and the specific challenges faced by family caregivers. Be part of this important conversation as we seek to establish stop-gap measures and ensure a safer healthcare journey for patients and caregivers alike.

Katherine Autin is a Parkinson’s expert, Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA), caregiver coach, educator, trainer, and speaker. For 40 years, she has been a visionary entrepreneur in the jewelry business as a designer, manufacturer, and a business and marketing consultant for women business owners. She is a Past President of the Louisville National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). In 2004, her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, which changed the direction of her entrepreneurial journey. Katherine founded Parkinson Partners, LLC (PPLLC) in 2012 to advocate for, educate, and help people with Parkinson’s disease and their family caregivers through a very complicated journey. She has helped hundreds of Parkinson’s families over 18 years. Continuing her caregiver journey, in 2018, she became one of the first in the country to be recognized nationally as a Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA). Katherine created the Visionary Caregivers Mastermind program in 2021 where she encourages caregivers to help each other, guiding, teaching, and inspiring them to not just survive, but laugh and find fulfillment in their difficult journeys. Katherine trains staff at senior living facilities and home care companies. She also leads monthly virtual and in-person Parkinson’s support groups in Louisville, Kentucky and is known as the “Parkinson’s Lady.” Katherine is originally from Alexandria, Virginia.


The HealthAdvocateX Board has approved this activity with the following caveats:

  • Only HealthAdvocateX Professional Members in good standing will be invited to participate.
  • Meeting participants will sign a confidentiality acknowledgement in keeping with professional standards at sign in as a requirement to participate
  • Cases will all be presented in a similar format and will be submitted to HealthAdvocateX at least one week in advance of the meeting for consideration
  • The Advocate presenting the Case will do everything to de-identify the person featured in the case review
  • No case information may be shared outside the case review meeting
  • The meetings will be a free, one-hour meeting as a benefit of professional membership

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XCenter – Transgender Advocacy 101 – THIS PROGRAM IS NOW OPEN!

On-Demand Videos & Resources

XCenter: Transgender Advocacy 101 Bundle

Includes ALL Videos & Resources for – 

  • The Importance of Words and Why Words Matter
  • Challenges of Being Transgender
  • Advocating in Medical Spaces
  • Being an Ally
  • Transgender Health Advocacy Panel Discussion

Everyone is Invited! | Bundle is Available for 5.0 BCPA JEDI CEs

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(Part 1)
On-Demand Video & Resources

The Importance of Words and Why Words Matter

This learning module will provide an overview of language related to gender and sex/sexuality.  We will cover gender presentation, gender identification, must-know gender-identify terms in addition to exploring good practices for using inclusive language as well as communicating and advocating for trans-friendly care.


  1. Understand the differences between gender and sex.
  2. Identify key gender terms.
  3. Apply concepts to be able to communicate and advocate for basic trans-friendly care.

Everyone is Invited! | Available for 1.0 BCPA JEDI CE

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(Part 2)
On-Demand Video & Resources

Challenges of Being Transgender

This module will present some of the realities that making transgender Americans among the most vulnerable communities in America and how that can influence barriers transgender Americans face when seeking and utilizing health care.  This session will look at factors through the following areas:  individual, community, and  systems (society).


  1. Understand areas of the social determinants of health and how they are impacting trans populations.
  2. Identify barriers trans populations experience when seeking basic human rights including medical care.
  3. Develop list of resources and organizations that are working in these areas that can be used to help your patient/client.

Everyone is Invited! | Available for 1.0 BCPA JEDI CE

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(Part 3)
On-Demand Video & Resources

Advocating in Medical Spaces

This session will dive into specific statistics and realities of  trans concerns with health insurance and care.  Topics include: discrimination by healthcare providers, barriers to healthcare access, medical trauma and mistrust, and how to communicate to build trust in a health care setting.  This will include specific recommendations for what to do before/during/between medical provider visits and best practices for inclusive language and communicating about gender.


  1. Understand area of the medical experience where advocates are needed the most.
  2. Identify barriers trans populations experience when receiving medical care.
  3. Be able to discuss medical considerations for patients.
  4. Develop a list of skills for working in these areas that can be used to help your patient/client.

Everyone is Invited! | Available for 1.0 BCPA JEDI CE

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(Part 4)
On-Demand Video & Resources

Being an Ally

By understanding the history and trauma that is common for the trans population, we can begin to understand the words and questions we can use to be effective advocates.  Hear advice from transgender people and what they suggest we can do to be an ally.  Specific resources and language is offered.


  1. Hear the advice and first-hand accounts of how important allies and advocates are for the transgender populations.
  2. Review specific tips for being an ally.
  3. Discover ways we can be involved in challenging system-level barriers to appropriate care.

Everyone is Invited! | Available for 1.0 BCPA JEDI CE

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(Part 5)
Recording of Panel Discussion

On-Demand Recording of the
Transgender Health Advocacy Panel Discussion

HealthAdvocateX is joined by Dr. Malynnda Johnson, created of the four Transgender Advocacy 101 Modules and a panel of advocates, medical provider and mother of a transgender child.  We will hear from their lived experiences and tips they have for families, caregivers, professional advocates and providers to illustrate some of the common challenges for the health of transgender individuals.


  1. Personal stories reinforce some common challenges that are faces by transgender individuals.
  2. Identify where to go for resources and professional advocates who want to support and help transgender individuals  who are navigating health care.
  3. Learn how to source trans-friendly resources.

Everyone is Invited! | Available for 1.0 BCPA JEDI CE

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