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Community Conversation – June 2023

When: June 12, 2023 | 11am – 12pm (PT)
Where: Online via Zoom (Register Here)
Cost: FREE!

Public Health Update, Medical Price Transparency and Insurance Appeals Strategies

In our monthly Community Conversation, we will have a short portion of our program focus on Public Health Updates facing our country, followed by a program targeted at providing credible, timely and actionable information on a topic related to health advocacy.  In our June 12, 2023 program, we will welcome Mike Gartner, founder of Persius, a website under development to make understanding the cost of medical procedures/appointment and hospital stays more transparent.  During this call, you will learn a step-wise approach to insurance appeals for cases that are by contract inappropriate denials; learn how to find pricing that is required by law; receive a list of resources for price aggregation with identified pros and cons of existing databases from which the data is currently pulled.

Mike Gartner is a machine learning engineer, and the founder of Persius LLC. He has extensive experience navigating billing and insurance issues in US healthcare, and in conducting research in machine learning and mathematics. He earned a PhD in mathematics from the University of Oregon, an MS in physics from UCSD, and a BS from Columbia University.

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Case Review – June 2023

When: June 15, 2023 | 5pm – 6:30pm (PT)
Where: Online via Zoom 
Cost: FREE for Members Only! (1 BCPA Available for Purchase – $15)

Rights and Responsibilities of a Hospitalized Patient 

When a patient undergoes a complex surgery, events occur that cause family visitation and their ability to comfort their loved one to be restricted. This case presentation will walk us through the various options that are available to a patient and their family and what they can and should do. It also explains a patient’s rights and what the hospital and staff can request of a patient and their family. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. What are the rights a patient has when hospitalized. 
  2. What are the responsibilities a patient has when hospitalized. 
  3. What are the proper channels of communication when filing a patient complaint as a health advocate. 

Claire Thevenot is a Board Certified Patient Advocate and founded Clarity Patient Advocates in Atlanta, Georgia in 2019. Claire is an oncology certified nurse with several years of experience in working with cancer patients. She is also a breast cancer survivor who combines her professional and personal experience in helping patients navigate the overwhelming and confusing healthcare landscape.

The Professional Networking group has requested HealthAdvocateX host periodic ‘peer case review’ sessions to help advocates learn about how their peers are handling cases. The purpose is mutual information exchange and continual improvement of advocacy services. The HealthAdvocateX Board has approved this activity with the following caveats:

  • Only HealthAdvocateX Professional Members in good standing will be invited to participate 
  • Meeting participants will sign a confidentiality acknowledgement in keeping with professional standards at sign in as a requirement to participate
  • Cases will all be presented in a similar format and will be submitted to HealthAdvocateX at least one week in advance of the meeting for consideration 
  • The Advocate presenting the Case will do everything to de-identify the person featured in the case review 
  • No case information may be shared outside the case review meeting 
  • The meetings will be a free, one-hour meeting as a benefit of professional membership

If you are a HealthAdvocateX Member and would like to join this Case Review, please email us at info@HealthAdvocateX.org