What is a Code of Ethics?

This is a voluntary set of principles that guides HealthAdvocateX leaders and members in their business decision-making and activities. All HealthAdvocateX Professional Members must agree to adhere to this code.

Please see the new advocacy industry Code of Ethics approved April 2022 and listed here.


HealthAdvocateX Principles: 

Accountability means to be answerable to oneself and others for one’s own actions. HealthAdvocateX members have a responsibility to advocate for their patients’ health, safety and rights and are individually accountable for their own advocacy role.
Confidentiality & Privacy
HealthAdvocateX members respect each client’s right to privacy, and abide by all relevant laws and regulations relating to confidentiality of personal information. HealthAdvocateX members shall at all times safeguard and protect the confidentiality of all medical records and communications with clients.
Integrity & Transparency 
HealthAdvocateX members are committed to integrity and transparency in the conduct of their practices. This includes transparency about their fees, training, education, experience and credentials. HealthAdvocateX members provide their clients with a written agreement that defines the member’s scope of practice, fee schedule and working arrangements. The member must disclose any contractual relationships that may exist between the member and other services they might use to assist their clients.

HealthAdvocateX members understand and respect the boundaries between patient advocacy and any members of the health care team.

Respect for the Individual’s Right to Make Informed Choices:
HealthAdvocateX members are dedicated to promoting the autonomy and empowerment of their clients to exercise meaningful informed consent. Members support the pursuit of understanding all care and treatment options, to help clients make informed decisions. 

HealthAdvocateX members respect the dignity and freedom of each client to make his or her own decisions grounded in the cultural, spiritual, and ethical context of that individual.

Disclosure of Illegal or Unethical Practices:
HealthAdvocateX members are obligated to counsel their clients against engaging in illegal or unethical practices toward vulnerable persons when such practices become known, and are required to report these practices to the appropriate authorities if they continue.  
HealthAdvocateX members are required (according to their professional designation and the law) to report abuse if known.