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Welcome Chloe DeChant to HealthAdvocateX ~ Community Conversation June 10~ Your Feedback Needed on the Advocacy Profession

Community Conversation May 13: Navigating Moves for Older Adults ~ Case Review: Financial Advocacy Open to All Health Advocates ~ NOTE Date Change: June 3 Live Virtual Screening of the Movie, ANGST

Community Conversation April 8: COVID-19 – What We Know Now ~ Case Review: Financial Advocacy now Open to All Health Advocates ~ May 6 Live Virtual Screening of the Movie, ANGST ~ Your Feedback Needed

Don’t Miss March 11 – Conversation About Exploring Menopause & Hormone Replacement ~ May 16 – Case Review – Financial Advocacy for Patients ~ Healthcare Advocate Summit in September

February is American Heart Month ~ Don’t Miss Out On Community Conversation – Caretaker’s Syndrome & Demystifying Heart Disease in Women on Feb 12

Happy New Year! Please Welcome New Board Members ~ Don’t Miss Out On January Events!

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Happy Holidays! Farewell to Board Members ~ Join Us for Exciting January Events ~ Jan. 8 Where To Go After A Hospitalization ~ Jan. 18 When Patient Advocacy & Education Collide

New Board Member Applications Now Open ~ Register for Transgender XCenter Oct 10 ~ Community Conversation – What We Know Now About COVID ~ Welcome New Communications Manager ~Advocate Meeting

September 5-8 Advocate Conference in New Orleans ~ Community Conversations Sept 11 Will Address Resiliency ~ Sept 21 Case Review ~Oct 10 XCenter Launch on Transgender Health

Upcoming Summers Events & More! Immunizations Are NOT Just for Kids – August 14 ~ Case Review – A Retired Nurse’s Medical Journey – September 21

Happy May Day! CC Focus on Data Democratization May 8 – Case Review June 15 – Register for the Advocate Conference in New Orleans September 5-8

Community Conversation – May 8 ~ Health Advocate Conference in New Orleans – September 5-8 ~ Annual Patient Safety Conference – June 1-3

Community Conversation Next Monday to Focus on Patient Safety – Case Review

March 27 – Race to Be Human ~ Community Conversation – April 10 ~ Case Review – April 13

March 13 Community Conversation on COVID-19 & Health Advocacy Diversity Work ~ Register for March 27 Race to Be Human ~ Dollar For Report on Patient Debt ~ March 15-16 Pt Safety Conference

Feb 13 Community Conversation on COVID-19 and Mental Health ~  Save the Dates on March 27 Race to Be Human and XCenter on Transgender Health Launch March 30

MLK Jan 16 Community Conversation on COVID-19 and Race ~ Case Review on a Common Advocate Dilemma Jan 19 ~ Last Chance to Take the Advocate Survey

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Just Two More Events in 2022! | Honoring Our Outstanding Board | Take the CHCAO Health Advocate Survey by December 20 | Coming in 2023 – Launching our XCenters!
Giving Thanks for YOU and Hope to See You at our Last Events of the Season!
Fall is here! New HAdvX Diversity Statement, Indigenous People’s Day at Community Conversations, New Board Members Wanted, Case Review, and Networking
HealthAdvocateX What is Happening in August – Join Us
HealthAdvocateX Statement on Roe v Wade; Case Review July 13 and Community Conversation July 11
Free BCPA CE for HAdvX Member Attendance at Monday’s Community Conversation
New Advocacy Code of Ethics Approved – News from ICOPA
Happy Spring and Preparing for ICOPA
Pandemic on the Decline and Love on the Rise 
Happy New Year? And Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. 
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Holiday Edition ~ Community Conversations Jan 10 ~ Case Review Jan 12 ~ Jan 19 Medical Bill Disasters Webinar ~ License Two Community Presentations – Get Your BCPA CEs
NAHAC Webinar – Nov 17 ~ Networking – Dec 2 ~ Community Conversation – Dec 13 ~ View Presentation About COVID-19 & BURNOUT
~ National Conference Nov 4-5/6: Last Chance for Tickets ~ Nov 15 Community Conversation: Burnout ~ Dec 2 Networking
Register for Early Bird tickets Before September 30 ~ Networking is October 7 ~ Next Community Conversation October 11 ~ HealthAdvocateX Earns Silver Transparency Rating
Early Bird Tickets for November 4-6 National Conference | September 9 Case Review | September 13 Community Conversation | October 6-7 WA Patient Safety Conference
National Conference Nov 4-5/6: Early Bird Tickets | Case Review Sept 9 | Final Opportunity for Job Task Analysis Survey | Design Your Practice Webinar Aug 18 | WA Patient Safety Conference October 6-7
The Birthday Edition | National Conference Nov 4-5: Call For Speakers | Welcome New Partner – Patient Navigator | Final Opportunity for Job Task Analysis Survey | Networking Event Aug 4 | Community Conversations August 9
Land Acknowledgement Challenge | National Conference Nov 4 – 5: Call For Speakers | GNA Presenting Sponsor | Networking Event July 8 | Welcome New HealthAdvocate X Board Members and Staff
Spring to Action – Get Involved!
No One Should Count on Luck to Navigate Healthcare Successfully | 5 Steps to TakeCHARGE – Launched During this Patient Safety Week
Let’s Work Together in a Year That’s Going to Take Collective Will
We Are Officially Launched As HealthAdvocateX! Visit Us at
Remembering MLK – What Is Your Dream?
Welcome 2021! | Community Conversation is Jan 11 | Professional Networking – Resources for Advocates is Feb 4 | PACB Announcement 

Have a Great Holiday Season! See You in the New Year

Dec 3 Networking | Dec 14 Community Conversation | Special Professional Member Rate Goes Up Jan 1
Conference Exhibitor Bingo Winners | Dec 14 Community Conversation | Dec 3 Networking | News from Partner Members Eldergrow & EndBrainCancer Initiative 
Conference Wrap Up | Nov 16 Community Conversation About Grief | Dec 3
World Patient Safety Day! | Two Weeks Until WASHAA Virtual Conference | Navigating Grief on Nov 16 | Online Prep Course for BCPA Exam | CE Webinar: Social Isolation for the Elderly During COVID-19 | Silent Grief Walk  

Community Conversation Oct 19 on the Future of Assisted Living | Join Our Annual Conference Nov 5-6! | Banister Educational Programs & CEUs | End of Life Planning Workshop

Annual Meeting – Whole Person Advocacy – Get Early Tickets Before Before Oct 7! | COVID-19 & The Future of Assisted Living | Career Building Workshop | Banister Educational Programs & CEUs | Book Launch – Facing Death | Telemedicine Rules Workshop for PAs

Snag an Early Bird Conference Registration | Don’t Miss Sept 17 Networking on COVID-19 Success Strategies | Welcome Sponsor Sound | Sign Up for Brain Cancer Patient Day Event Sept 18

Early Bird Conference Registration Open! | Don’t Miss Sept 17 Networking on COVID19 Success Strategies | Welcome Sponsor & Partner: Assumption & Banister Advisors | Sign Up for Brain Cancer Patient Day Event Sept 18 

Community Conversation August 24 on COVID-19 & Senior LGBTQIA+ Response | Webinar Series with WA Patient Safety Coalition & WSMA | Networking Sept. 17 | EndBrainCancer Brain Tumor TOGETHER & ACTION Day Sept. 18

Birthday Edition | WASHAA Rebrands to HealthAdvocateX | GNANOW Presenting Conference Sponsor | Welcome Renewing and New Partner Members Final Roadmap and Beverly’s Daughter | Networking Meeting | VSED Case Review 
Community Conversation July 27 on Hospital Advocacy | Professional Case Review July 23 | Free Membership with MyCare Alliance Offer | WASHAA 2020 Annual Meeting November 6!
Professional Networking June 30 | Welcome New Partners – Bridge Health Advocates & NShore Patient Advocates | More Upcoming Events to Enjoy 

We Cannot Be Silent on George Floyd and the Inequities in our Country

Catch Up with WASHAA Partners | Pain & Healing Sessions Online | Will we see you at our May 20 Networking Meeting? | WASHAA 2020 Annual Meeting Nov 6!

Connecting Our Community During Uncertain Times

Pain & Healing Sessions Now Online | Will we see you at our Feb 27 Networking Meeting? | WASHAA 2020 Annual Meeting Nov 6! | Save the Date for ICOPA 22-24 | Join to Raise Awareness

Don’t Miss Nov 19 Webinar on Financial Toxicity | Will we see you at our Dec 4 Networking Meeting? | WASHAA Annual Meeting A Success! | Renew Membership by Nov 15 for Discount

New WASHAA Podcast Launched | Register for Oct 17 Annual Meeting | ICOPA Conference Report | Meet New WASHAA Partner Members A Sacred Passing, Guardian Nurses, Pinnacle Care | Nov 19 Webinar on Financial Toxicity

Early Registration for Oct 17 Annual Meeting – See you in Sept at Various Events Including Taming the Medicine Cabinet | Congratulations to ABCs of an Effective Doctor Visit Trainers | ICOPA Conference Oct 3-5 

September Presentations – Including Taming the Medicine Cabinet | Want to Present ABCs of an Effective Doctor Visit – Train the Trainer now Available | Congrats Karen Vogel for Sid’s Story new book release | IOCPA Conference Oct 3-5 | Save the Date Oct 17 for WASHAA Annual Meeting

Boomer Conference June 9! | What You Missed at the May Networking Meeting | Patient Safety Conference Wrap Up | Save the Date Oct 17 for WASHAA Annual Meeting

Happy National Healthcare Decisions Day! | Member Updates | May 16 Professional Networking | Safety Conference May 7

April 4 Webinar on Second Opinion | Meet New Partner Member: Final Roadmap | Member Updates | May 16 Professional Networking | Safety Conference May 7

Join Us for Feb 27 Networking Meeting | Don’t Miss Katy Butler Feb 25 | Professional Member Only Event | Check Out Other Events You Won’t Want to Miss

Join Us for Events in February | Feb 27 Networking Meeting | AmazonSmile Offer through Jan 31 | Check Out Members Trudy James and Karen Vogel in the News

Don’t Miss Our Membership Sale Ending Nov 15 | See you at our Dec 6 Networking Meeting | Giving Thanks by Giving to WASHAA | One more thanks to 6th Annual Meeting Sponsors

Successful Annual Meeting Wrap Up | Special Member Pricing Through Nov. 15th | Purchase through Amazon Smile through Nov. 2nd | African American Caregivers Forum Nov. 10th

WASHAA Spokane Community Meeting – October 9th | RSVP for Free Spokane Meeting, Hosted by WASHAA Board Member John Fox

6th Annual WASHAA Meeting – We are approved for CEUs for LSW, LMHC, BCPA and more!!

Register for WASHAA OCT 5 Meeting – Don’t Miss Early Bird Pricing – Ends Tomorrow, Sept 4 

Annual Meeting October 5 – Get Early Bird Tickets Today! | Advocate Networking Meeting September 12 | New Partner Member – Geneva Woods | Netflix Series – Diagnosis | More Exciting Events!

WASHAA is Growing in Spokane | Oct. 5 Annual Meeting Early Bird Registration Open! | Karen Vogel on TV Vice News Segment | Don’t Miss Aug. 15 Deadline for PACB Exam | Nutrition Webinar Now Available

WASHAA is Growing in Spokane! Join Us July 31st at 2:30pm

Advocate Panel at Skyline | New Handbook for PACB Exam in Sept | Help Wanted Ad for an Advocate | July 31st Spokane Meeting

FREE Webinar on Thursday, June 28th at 11am (PST) – Sign up for a FREE Healing Through Nutrition Webinar featuring Christina Tidwell

Spokane-Area Effort | Thank You to GiveBIG Participants | The Greater Seattle Advocates Directory | Join Us for Networking June 20th | Healing Through Nutrition Webinar June 28th

Join Us for TWO FREE Spokane Area Meetings This Monday and Tuesday

Join Us for Spokane Area Meetings Next Week | First Certification Exam – 149 Advocates Pass | GiveBIG for WASHAA | Healing Through Nutrition Webinar

Meet New Board Member Kristen Tollini | April 25 Networking Meeting | Lots of Programs in April/May

Meet New Board Member John Fox | New National Advocate Directory | First Credential Exam in March | Feb. 28 Networking Meeting | Lots of Programs in February​

Cheers to You from WASHAA!

Join WASHAA on Dec. 5 from 4-6pm for a Pre-Holiday Networking Event at Skyline

WASHAA Annual Meeting Recap | Latest Insurance Information on Facebook Live! | Join us Dec. 5 for Networking at Skyline | WASHAA Member in the News

Have You Registered for the WASHAA 5th Annual Meeting THIS Thursday in Seattle?

November 2 Annual Meeting | Facebook Live! Insurance Open Enrollment on Oct. 23 | New Partner Member iHealthHome | Beth Droppert speaking at Choosing Wisely Summit | Order Your GlassyBaby November 1-8 to support WASHAA!

Spokane Meeting Sept. 28 | Patient Advocate Survey by Oct. 10 | Chronic Illness Webinar on Oct. 12 | Oct. 23 – Insurance Questions Answered on Facebook live | Nov. 2nd Annual Meeting Agenda Release

Sep. 14 Webinar on Chronic Illness | Sep. 28 Meeting in Spokane, WA | Save the Dates, Including Our Annual Meeting November 2nd!

Free Safe & Sound Presentation Next Week! | GiveBIG Thanks | Resource: Caregiver Stress Webinar | Patient Advocate Credential Update

Welcome New Partner Member WE TRUST | Thank You for GiveBIG | Health Advocate Networking Evening | PICORI Survey by June 6

WASHAA Spring Advocate Networking Event on May 23rd!

WASHAA Spring Advocate Networking Event on May 23rd!

May 10th – WASHAA is Proud to Participate in the Seattle Foundation’s #GiveBig Annual Event

May 10th – WASHAA is Proud to Participate in the Seattle Foundation’s #GiveBig Annual Event

Free Health Information Webinar Wednesday April 26 | Our Next Advocate Networking Meeting May 23 | GiveBIG

WASHAA Webinar on Finding Health Information April 26 – FREE to Register!

WASHAA Webinar on Finding Health Information April 26 | Our Next Advocate Networking Meeting May 23 | GiveBIG on May 10th!

REMINDER – FREE WASHAA Webinar THIS Wednesday about Alzheimer’s and Dementia!

THIS Wednesday – WASHAA Webinar on Alzheimer’s and Dementia

WASHAA Press Release – National Health and Patient Advocate Survey Results

Don’t Miss Our February Webinar | Upcoming Community Presentation on Advocacy | Your Input Needed for the Advocate Credential

Happy New Year! | Upcoming Advocate Networking Event January 11th | Upcoming Webinar on February 15th

Happy Holidays from WASHAA! | Save the Date: Winter Advocate Networking Meeting Jan 11 & Trends in Dementia Webinar Feb 15 | Wrap up from 4th Annual Meeting

1st Advocate Networking Event Sept 9 | WASHAA Annual Meeting Registration Open | National Advocate Meeting in Seattle | And More!

Give BIG for WASHAA on May 3rd!

Happy New Year! | Upcoming Webinar on Feb 4th | VHA Training Program Update | National Credential Update | Meet WASHAA Partner Member

Speaking of Dying: Living Deeply…Dying Well

Happy Holidays from WASHAA

WASHAA Wants to Know – What Is Your Opinion: Does Health Advocacy Matter?

Health Advocate Survey – Complete by October 25, 2015 | New Blog Post | Nov 13th Event in Seattle

WASHAA Annual Meeting | National Survey | Welcome New Board Members

National Health & Patient Advocate Survey 2015 – Complete by October 25, 2015

3rd Annual WASHAA Meeting | Early Bird Sign Up Ends Oct. 2nd | WASHAA’s 3rd Webinar a HUGE Hit!

WASHAA Summer 2015 Newsletter | Upcoming Medicare Webinar | 3rd Annual WASHAA Meeting | New Blog Post by WASHAA Board Members

WASHAA May 2015 Newsletter

WASHAA’s 1st Webinar Coming Soon | Health Advocacy Events In Your Neighborhood

WASHAA 2nd Annual ‘State of the Industry’ Meeting

Save the Date – State of the Industry Meeting November 14, 2014

WASHAA Newsletter | July 2014

Join Us For the Upcoming WASHAA Event | Misdiagnosis: The Hidden Epidemic Discussion + Networking Event