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ICOPA - International Conference on Patient Advocacy (2022) - Pivoting Your Practice in a Changing HealthcareWorld

As the practice of Patient Advocacy grows, individuals from all areas of the care continuum are realizing the true value of advocacy. Independent advocates, hospital advocates, and other advocacy professionals came together like never before at ICOPA 2022.  

Whether you currently work as an advocate (independently or in a health system), a professional who interfaces in some other way with the healthcare system, or a patient or caregiver with keen interest in the system and how its outcomes can be improved, you are welcome to join us at our conference.

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HealthAdvocateX Annual Conference 2021 - Health Advocacy Now: Lessons from the Pandemic

Every year, we try to tackle a big topic and this year, an obvious area to learn from is COVID-19. We will explore how the pandemic has shown us what has changed and what has not changed in healthcare and health advocacy. Attend the conference to learn and to share your experience!

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Annual Conference 2020 - Whole Person Advocacy: Integrating Mental Health

Mental and behavioral health issues plague our society, but it wasn’t until recently that research has proven that including mental health management into clinical care can improve health outcomes and save money.  What does this mean for patient care?  Many states have a goal of integrating mental health into primary care, but is this really happening? The WASHAA 8th Annual Conference will explore innovative health care models and programs that show us how integrative health strategies can heal the whole person.  While we will be meeting in a virtual environment, please plan join us for a whole day of learning, engaging with our community and practicing techniques in an interactive and fun way.

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Annual Conference 2019 - Understanding Pain & Healing

Why is pain such a crucial, but elusive topic? While everyone feels pain differently according to their genetic makeup and other factors, pain is often misunderstood. If pain is individualized, how do physicians treat pain effectively and consistently? How can we conquer pain and focus on healing? The WASHAA 7th Annual Meeting focused on defining the many aspects of pain and how to heal. 

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On-Demand Continuing Education Courses

These HealthAdvocateX presentations are available for on-demand continuing education (CE) credits for Board Certified Patient Advocates (BCPAs).  

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