Scott Beeber

Board Member

For more than 20 years Scott has followed a nontraditional path to health and wellness. After an unsatisfying career in finance, Scott embarked on a successful consulting career with Watson Wyatt, Aon and finally Alight Solutions focused on Health, Talent and Retirement solutions. After one of his most successful years in consulting Scott left for 2nd MD, a mission driven organization that had an innovative approach to expert medical opinion. Scott’s favorite part of working for 2nd MD was coming home to hear his kids ask “Dad, did you save a life today.”

Once 2nd MD was acquired by Accolade, Scott became the Chief Sales Officer for Brightside, a fintech startup focused on helping working families become financially healthy. It became readily apparent that mission was what really drives Scott to do what he does every day, make a difference in the lives of others.

When Scott is not working on solving for some of our country’s toughest health and wellness challenges, he devotes time to volunteer and perform foundation work serving as past President of Swim Marin, a San Rafael based youth swim program and fundraiser for Swim Across America which devotes its resources to children’s cancer research. He is an accomplished open water swimmer raising more than $500,000 swimming for SAA with his team. In 2016 his team raised more than $80,000 swimming the English Channel and in 2019, $100,000 as the 11th team to ever circumnavigate the 54 mile Catalina Island swim.

In addition, Scott is an award winning winemaker operating Avery Rose Vineyards with his wife Jody in which they use a portion of his wine to fund various organizations including SAA, GiveWell, food banks and other organizations focused on fighting cancer, poverty and disease.

A;er 20 years of living in the Bay Area, Sco1 is currently living in Carlsbad, CA with his wife Jody and two daughters.