Your health care journey is as unique as you are.

We believe that choosing a health advocate to assist you on that journey can dramatically change your care by helping you understand your choices and elevate the power of your health experience. A health advocate can be a family member, friend or professional. We believe that you (like everyone) deserves to be actively involved, fully understand, and make your wishes known to choose the care you want.

HealthAdvocateX is a national organization committed to helping you transform into an active participant in your care. We are committed to helping everyone understand what health advocacy is, how to boost health advocacy skills and knowledge regardless of who you are. While we do not provide direct health advocacy services, we can connect you with people who do. We specialize in inspiring people to take action through community education, health advocacy events and by connecting you to trusted health advocacy resources.



For organizations who wish to share their mission, goals and services and work in collaboration with us to further our mutual goals.

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For individuals practicing health advocacy professionally or providing related services for a fee.

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For individuals interested in health advocacy, including volunteer advocates, patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and the general public.

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