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Relive the success of our recent XCenter event (October 10, 2023), Transgender Advocacy 101. Four learning modules were offered, along with a live discussion where distinguished co-host Dr. Malynnda Johnson and panelists shared invaluable insights on transgender care. Open to all, this event provided Continuing Education credits for licensed professionals. 

Missed it? Don’t worry! Access the event’s on-demand content through October 11, 2025 and stay informed.


Your health care journey is as unique as you are.

We believe that choosing a health advocate to assist you on that journey can dramatically change your care by helping you understand your choices and elevate the power of your health experience. A health advocate can be a family member, friend or professional. We believe that you (like everyone) deserves to be actively involved, fully understand, and make your wishes known to choose the care you want.

HealthAdvocateX is a national organization committed to helping you transform into an active participant in your care. We are committed to helping everyone understand what health advocacy is, how to boost health advocacy skills and knowledge regardless of who you are. While we do not provide direct health advocacy services, we can connect you with people who do. We specialize in inspiring people to take action through community education, health advocacy events and by connecting you to trusted health advocacy resources.

Who Is A Health Advocate?

A Health Advocate is a person who helps a an individual and/or care partner as they navigate the healthcare system. While this can be a family or friend, sometimes you may want or need a professional (paid) health advocate. Please search our Professional Member Directory to find a Professional health advocate.

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Who Needs a

Health Advocate?

Everyone needs a Health Advocate. Have you ever left the doctor’s office not sure of what you needed to do next or felt like your concerns were not heard during your appointment?  It is impossible to listen, think and communicate all at the same time when it comes to your health.  Having a health advocate by your side can help keep track of information, remind you of your questions or just be a second set of eyes and ears to understand what providers say are your choices.

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What Are Types of

Health Advocacy Services?

Overwhelmed with a diagnosis or lack of one? Facing surgery or long-term treatment and not sure of your medical expenses or your insurance options? If so, it might be time to contact a professional health advocate.  There are professional advocates that specialize in different aspects of health and health advocacy.

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Find An Advocate

Search our Professional Member Directory to look for a health advocate who may fit your specific needs. Please know that advocates typically charge a fee for services and fees can vary greatly between advocates. We encourage you to thoroughly evaluate your advocate. Please see disclaimer.

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We want you to have the best chance

to find an advocate to fit your needs. 

If you want to search other organizations for advocates, please visit the organizations below.


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