On-Demand Webinars

Understanding Today’s COVID Stats and Mental Health Challenges for Patients and Medical Professionals

Presented by Dale Reisner, MD and Veronika Zantop, MD

Available until FEBRUARY 13, 2025

As we enter 2023 and our third year dealing with COVID-related Community Conversations, this month will focus on the widespread mental health challenges of medical providers and the impact on patients. Join us as we discuss what has led to more than 100,000 physicians leaving the profession. In order to position yourself, loved ones or clients for successful interactions with medical providers, it is important to understand their working conditions and pain points. We will also focus on strategies that can improve patient-medical provider interactions. Your questions are welcomed and this session will be recorded and available on-demand.


Avoiding Medical Bill Disasters

Presented by Adria Goldman Gross

Available until JANUARY 18, 2024

This one-hour webinar will discuss how to avoid medical billing errors or extraordinary medical costs, which are a major contributor to personal bankruptcy. Most people do not understand how to evaluate insurance plans or what to do about billing errors until it is too late. This session will cover essential information about medical bills claims, denials, appeals, pre-authorizations and how participants can apply this information to cutting the cost of medical bills.

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Health Literacy: The New Vital Sign

Presented by Sue McWilliams

Available until MARCH 29, 2023

Learn who is at risk for low health literacy and the importance of this new vital sign for you and your client. The webinar will discuss the role of social media and how it may impact your client’s health. The speaker will identify specific steps you can take to help your advocacy clients. 

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