Robin Shapiro

Board Member 

Robin believes that health care advocacy in the near future will be a common skill that people have or seek to ensure that a health experience results in the best outcome possible for the patient. Robin has worked in health care-related public relations, public affairs, crisis management, marketing and advocacy work since 1988. She founded Health Advocacy Strategies and co-founded Health Perspectives Group LLC, an award-winning family of healthcare engagement and technology companies.  It is through her work helping patients communicate their health care stories, goals and wishes that led her to co-found Allied Health Advocates in 2008, the first independent health advocacy company for patients wanting to hire a private advocate.  Her visionary approach to engaging people in their health care led her to create companies, programs and a not-for-profit organization to ultimately support the idea of helping people with medical navigation and decision-making. Robin previously led health-related programs at Immunex Corporation and Ogilvy & Mather Public Affairs.   She currently is the Board Chair of HealthAdvocateX. She also serves on the Seattle University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center Board.  Robin holds two bachelor degrees in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Missouri – Columbia.