Navigating COVID-19 & Resurgence

JULY 13, 2020 –

COVID-19 is continuing to impact our country deeply.  In this live session, we explored factors related to the growing resurgence of the virus.  Although we have learned a lot, COVID-19 is still a mystery in many aspects.  What does this mean for us as we are weighing risks of continuing to physically distance, mask, and protect ourselves and those we work with?  Are there actions we can be taking to improve or understand our own body better?

Dale Reisner, MD, Medical Director (OB/GYN Quality & Safety) at Swedish Health Services gave us an update on how the health system and country are coping with the pandemic, and new insights in navigating the virus.


Weekly Community Conversation with Dale Reisner, MD, Medical Director (OB/GYN Quality and Safety) at Swedish Health Services. We took questions, discussed concerns, and shared examples of positive advocacy adaptation due to COVID-19. This was our community’s opportunity to talk live, in a professional and safe environment about the pandemic.
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