Dynamic Healing: Addressing the Root Causes of Chronic Disease

NOVEMBER 17, 2021 –

The vast majority of mental and physical symptoms are created in response to physiological changes. In a sustained fight or flight neurochemical profile, it is well documented that people develop serious illness and disease. Modern medicine is focused on treating symptoms instead addressing the root cause of the interaction between a person’s stresses and capacity to process them. Understanding the problem allows it to be solved.
In this webinar, Dr. Hanscom will help attendees learn how to solve and prevent chronic disease by understanding the principles behind what causes them. Understanding and embedding these of concepts allows clients to continually practice them. This contrasts with patients and families randomly learning techniques to fix themselves. The process gives people control of regulating your body’s physiology from one of threat state to safety. Attendees will learn new skills they can in their practice.
  1. Understand that the creation of symptoms results from the dynamic interaction between a person’s circumstances and his or her coping capacity. When stress overwhelms the nervous system, the body goes into threat physiology. In a state of sustained fight or flight, people become seriously ill.
  2. Learn skills to decrease the exposure to this adverse neurochemical state. By addressing all aspects of this interaction, chronic diseases can be prevented and many reversed.
  3. Recognize the essence of chronic disease is the sustained exposure to threat and the solution lies in creating safety.
  4. Help patients to understand how to advocate for themselves to ensure they receive the care to meet their needs.
David Hanscom, MD practiced complex orthopedic spine surgery for 32 years. He quit his Seattle, WA practice in 2019 to present his insights into solving chronic pain. He eventually discovered that mental pain is the biggest issue. Anxiety is the pain. His book, Back in Control is the basis for his treatment process. The DOC (Direct your Own Care) Journey at www.thedocjourney.com is his most recent self-directed action plan.
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