Willow Patient Advocacy



~ Area(s) Served: Greater Seattle area
~ Provides Virtual / Telehealth Services


About My Services:

  • Type(s) of Advocacy: Health Management, Medical / Navigational
  • Years of Experience: Newer health advocate, but worked as PT, and included health advocacy for 30 years

Dealing with a health crisis or complex diagnosis can be overwhelming. Willow Patient Advocacy works one-on-one with patients and families, helping them navigate the medical system and providing guidance as they make healthcare decisions. As a physical therapist in hospital settings for nearly 30 years, Eva Fletcher has a deep medical background and has provided clinical care and guidance for patients and families managing a range of healthcare situations.

In addition to working extensively with neurological patients (strokes, spinal cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and brain tumors), Eva has worked closely with cardiac patients. Eva also has a special interest in helping families dealing with a P.A.N.D.A.S. diagnosis.

In her personal life, Eva has been the primary caregiver for her own family members and she’s experienced the emotional and physical demands of a healthcare crisis first-hand. Inspired to help others, Eva transitioned into her current work as a private patient advocate and started Willow Patient Advocacy. Eva now works one-on-one with patients and families, bringing expertise, compassion and clarity to an increasingly complex medical system. She offers in-person support and care coordination and providing guidance during any decision-making process.



  • Helping patients and families understand medical conditions
  • Reviewing/explaining what providers tell patients/families
  • Helping identify questions that should be asked/information that should be obtained
  • Accompanying patients to appointments
  • Communicating with healthcare providers
  • Coordinating care appointments
  • Assisting in finding specialty providers or second opinions
  • Acting as a communication liaison to family members/friends
  • Assisting with organization of medical information so all providers have a consistent and complete health record
  • Serving as a sounding board and information resource throughout the medical process
  • Providing hospital bedside advocacy
  • Assisting with a patient’s transition between levels of care/living situations
  • Helping establish in-home care
  • Providing guidance on home modifications; recommendations and referrals
  • Overall healthcare management for seniors with family living out of town



Education, Training & Experience:



  • MSPT – Boston University
  • BS Psychology – University of Washington


Licensed Professional: Yes

  • License Type: Physical Therapist
    • License #: PT00005216


Board Certified Patient Advocate: No


Educational Advocacy Certification: No



Eva Fletcher | Willow Patient Advocacy | Seattle, WA 98117
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