We Speak Medicare Spokane

About My Services:

  • Type(s) of Advocacy: Health Insurance, Older Adults Services
  • Years of Experience: I have been in the insurance and financial services industry since 1994.

I am an active member of SANEWA in Spokane. I also own We Speak Medicare Spokane which advises people on their Medicare options. My relationship with my clients creates many interactions where they come to me for advice as their health changes so I like to learn as much as possible about resources available to them.



Education, Training, & Experience:



  • I am an Army veteran with six years active duty. I have been advising clients on their insurance options since 1994, specializing in Medicare needs since 2016.


Educational Advocacy Certification: No


Licensed Professional: Yes

  • License Type: Insurance
    • License #: 106693


Additional Education & Training: 

  • LUTCF designation from The American College of Financial Services


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