Rae E. Drazin, PhD, Patient Advocate

Contact Information
Rae Drazin
Patient Advocate / Medical Navigator


About My Services:

  • Type(s) of Advocacy: Health Management, Medical / Navigational, Older Adult Services, Pediatrics
  • Years of Experience: 8

As a patient advocate, I serve as a liaison between the patient, family members and the medical team. I offer education in helping my clients to understand their medical conditions, and help them make decisions regarding when they may require a second opinion, which specialist to consult, or which treatment option would be most appropriate.  I accompany my clients to medical appointments, facilitate communication among providers, and help them navigate through the medical world when a serious medical condition may be overwhelming.  A patient advocate can provide insight and comfort during a stressful time.

With a Ph.D. in microbiology and a background as a cancer researcher, university instructor and consultant to the medical device and pharma industries, I have the required skill set.  But, most importantly, patient advocacy is my passion.



Education, Training, & Experience:



  • PhD – UCLA


Educational Advocacy Certification: No


Licensed Professional: No

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