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Contact Information
Maura Lessard, RN, BSN, CCM, CDP
Nurse Advocate, Board Certified Case Manager, Aging Lifecare Advanced Profession & Certified Dementia Practitioner



~ Accepting New Clients
~ Area(s) Served: MA & CT
~ Provides Virtual / Telehealth Services


About My Services:

  • Type(s) of Advocacy: End of Life, Health Care Proxy, Health Insurance, Health Management, Mediation, Medical / Navigational, Medical Billing & Claims, Older Adult Services
  • Years of Experience: 27 years

Nurse Advocates LLC assists families to navigate care and feel supported. We are proficient at enhancing communication, solving problems, and creating solutions. We provide an enormous amount of education about how the healthcare system functions and the direction in which clients can take to be sure they or their loved one is getting the care that they deserve. Services depend on individuals’ needs and desires, from telephonic consultation to “boots on the ground;” being physically present on site.

  • Partners with clients and prioritizes their independence
  • Provides communication support and care coordination
  • Collaborates with other healthcare providers
  • Integrates information from multiple healthcare resources
  • Assists in understanding illness
  • Identify, coordinate and manage resources and services
  • Providing support and care management expertise around hospitalization, rehabilitation, long term care
  • Navigates insurance issues
  • Coordinate, manage and attend provider visits
  • Guide transitions to sites of care, palliative care, or end-of-life services
  • Secures and reviews medical records for accuracy and appropriate follow through of care
  • Secures advanced care directive
  • Arranges and prepares for attorney consultation
  • Provides medication management, reconciles medications and pharmacist consultations across all coordinates of care
  • Navigates electronic medical records/portals and ongoing portal communication
  • Confirms and coordinates practitioner appointments & more…



Education, Training & Experience:



    • Baystate Medical Center School of Nursing
    • American International Conference


Licensed Professional: Yes

  • License Type: Registered Nurse


Board Certified Patient Advocate: No


Educational Advocacy Certification:

  • From: No


Additional Education & Training:

  • Board certified Case Manager & Certified Dementia Professional



Maura Lessard, RN, BSN, CCM, CDP | Nurse Advocates LLC | Wilbraham, MA 01028
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