Jacobsen Dementia Care Coaching

Contact Information
Annie K. Jacobsen
Family Dementia Care Coach

Antioch University
University of Washington

About My Services:

  • Type(s) of Advocacy: Older Adult Services, Other
  • Years of Experience: New to this, in direct elder-and-family-services 14 years.

In-home dementia care coaching – for caregiver and individuals with dementia. Plan development and training support for ease and quality of daily life.



Education, Training, & Experience:



  • MA – Change Management & Family Systems – Antioch University
  • BA – Speech Communication – University of Washington


Educational Advocacy Certification: Currently attending


Licensed Professional: No


Additional Education & Training:

14 years of a wide variety – Dementias, Caregiver Resilience, Hoarding Behavior, Grief & Trauma, Mindfulness in Medical Care, Senescence Research, Neuropsychology and Aging.

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