Age Smart Advocates, LLC

Contact Information
Stephanie Martirani
Patient Advocate

University of San Francisco
UC Berkeley Extension

About My Services:

  • Type(s) of Advocacy: Health Management, Medical / Navigational, Older Adult Services
  • Years of Experience: 5 years (15 informally)

Age Smart Advocates was founded with the desire to help others with their concerns about an aging loved one, a new diagnosis, or navigating the health care system.

A proactive, persistent, problem solver, a pit bull on a pant’s leg, whatever you want to call it, we’re with you every step of the way to help relieve some of the stress, confusion, fear, & exhaustion that comes from going at it on your own.

Medical Appointment, Hospital, Skilled Nursing, Rehab Support; Eldercare; Housing and Care Transitions; Family Support when you just can’t be there for your loved one.

Peace of mind is just a call or click away.



Education, Training, & Experience:



  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – University of San Francisco
  • Certificate in Health Advocacy – UC Berkeley Extension


Educational Advocacy Certification: Yes

  • From: UC Berkeley Extension


Licensed Professional: No


Additional Education & Training:

  • Board Certified Patient Advocate since March 2019
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