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Michelle Tucker
Registered Nurse, Board Certified Patient Advocate



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About My Services:

  • Type(s) of Advocacy: Administrative, Health Care Proxy, Health Management, Medical / Navigational, Older Adult Services
  • Years of Experience: 15

As a nurse, I have been a patient advocate since I began practicing as a nurse. Often, I would see patients and doctors interact and the doctor would walk out the door and the patient would say “what did she mean.” As a result, I would have to explain what was said. Personally, many family members and friends have asked me to act as a patient advocate on their behalf to help them through difficult and sometimes life and death situations. Many times I have been with friends, family members, and patients at the end of life and having a knowledgeable support person was so beneficial that to this day they often thank me for supporting them through those difficult times.



Education, Training & Experience:



  • Bachelor
    • Rutgers University, B.A. Biology, 1998
    • Rutgers University, B.S.N. Nursing 2002


Licensed Professional: Yes

  • License Type: Registered Nurse
    • License #: RN538540


Board Certified Patient Advocate: Yes


Educational Advocacy Certification: No



Michelle Tucker | Active Assist HCS | Deptford, NJ 08096
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