Community Conversation – May 2024

May 13, 2024 –

Respite Or Permanent Move To Adult Family Home, Assisted Living Or Memory Care, Where Do We Start?

Navigating the transition to adult family homes, assisted living, or memory care can be daunting. This enlightening discussion explored the crucial considerations and initial steps involved in making this decision. From assessing care needs and financial planning to evaluating facility options and understanding the difference between respite and permanent moves, we gained clarity on where to begin. By addressing key factors such as location, amenities, and quality of care, individuals and families can make informed choices for their loved ones’ well-being and comfort.

  1. Define respite versus permanent moves to adult family homes, assisted living or memory care.
  2. Discuss the different facilities for elderly loved ones.
  3. Look at the key factors needed to make this decision.

Speaker – 

Chief Care Officer, Adrienne Miller, has spent her career making connections that provide the best possible outcomes for all involved. She became a Senior Housing Advisor after going through the confusing and overwhelming process of finding a care community for her 93-year-old Aunt. She knows what it’s like to not know where to start, what will be safe, and what specifically to look for when trusting a loved one to someone else’s care. She helps families navigate moves to assisted living and memory care, whether for a respite stay or a permanent placement.

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