Community Conversation – April 2023

APRIL 10, 2023 –

Advance Care Planning & Patient Safety

In honor of National Health Care Decisions Day (April 16, 2023), we discussed the importance of advance planning and basic skills that can help any patient be safer. We invited patient safety leader and expert Ilene Corina, founder of the PULSE Center for Patient Safety and Education. In addition to hearing updates about COVID-19 from Dr. Dale Reisner, MD, we heard from Ilene what she has learned about individuals and families who are engaging in important advocacy work to help protect patients.

Speakers – 

Ilene Corina is the president and founder of Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy a community based patient safety organization. She started Pulse in 1996 as a monthly support group for patients and families who had experienced medical injury following her own personal experiences.

Dale Reisner, MD, Healthcare Quality Improvement Consultant and former Medical Director (OB/GYN Quality and Safety) at Swedish Health Services.

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