Community Conversation – December 2023

DECEMBER 11, 2023 –

Home For The Holidays: Public Health News & Tips For Assessing Senior Well-Being

We dove into the latest public health news you need to know this holiday season, led by Dr. Chris Price. We presented tips for making the most of visiting with older family members. In this segment we welcomed Anne C. Sansevero, RN, MA, GNP, CCM, Aging Life Care Association leader. She discussed how the holidays present a great opportunity not only to gather with older loved ones but to stealthily observe and assess how they are coping at home as they age.

Speaker – 

Anne Sansevero RN, MA, GNP, CCM is an Aging Life Care Expert and healthcare entrepreneur. She is CEO and founder of HealthSense, a care management consulting company. She is also co-founder and managing partner of Holistic HomeCare Associates, a private home care registry and Home Care Wizards, a consulting and software business that supports and innovates the Home Care registry model. Anne is a geriatric nurse practitioner and certified care manager by training with over 35 years experience in the field nursing, gerontology and health care advocacy. She is a sought after health care strategist, aging thought leader, clinician and national speaker. Anne currently serves as the President of the Aging Life Care Association® a national non-profit organization that supports and promotes the profession of Aging Life Care ®. She is President Emerita of the New York Chapter of the Aging Life Care Association® and is a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

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