Updates on COVID-19 and What to Anticipate for the Holidays

NOVEMBER 14, 2022 –

Updates on COVID-19 and What to Anticipate for the Holidays. Dale Reisner will be joined by Elise to discuss how to tackle medical bills.

Dollar For is a national nonprofit that crushes medical bills by making charity care known, easy, and fair. We’ll discuss how patients can access financial assistance programs for bills related to COVID hospitalizations.

Elise Goldstein is the director of patient advocacy and community outreach at Dollar For. Specializing in building racially equitable organizations and advancing health equity, Elise works with communities and organizations to break the cycle of poor health and poverty.

Scott Spivey-Provencio is the Community Organizer at Dollar For, leading local community outreach initiatives and helping volunteers do the same in their communities. Scott is also a third-year medical student in Austin, passionate about making medical care affordable and accessible to those who need it.

Get Help: DolloarFor.org/HAdvX

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