Case Review – May 2024

May 16, 2024 –

Case Review – May 2024

Reducing Financial Barriers To Healthcare: One Patient’s Story

In this brief but impactful session, Sarah Jane will explore the financial barriers that are present to all patients, and specifically how they were able to be reduced in this one case. Be part of this important conversation as we seek to possibly implement these reductions for other patients alike.


Speaker – 

Sarah Jane Yang 

The HealthAdvocateX Board has approved this activity with the following caveats:

  • Only HealthAdvocateX Professional Members in good standing will be invited to participate
  • Meeting participants will sign a confidentiality acknowledgement in keeping with professional standards at sign in as a requirement to participate
  • Cases will all be presented in a similar format and will be submitted to HealthAdvocateX at least one week in advance of the meeting for consideration
  • The Advocate presenting the Case will do everything to de-identify the person featured in the case review
  • No case information may be shared outside the case review meeting
  • The meetings will be a free, one-hour meeting as a benefit of professional membership
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