Case Review – Advocacy During Conflicting Medical Opinions

OCTOBER 27, 2022 –

Advocacy During Conflicting Medical Opinions

Presented by Sarah Jane Yang, MS, RN, GreyZone Health, LLC

Sarah Jane is a Care Advocate and Master’s level registered nurse with experience managing complex medical cases and navigating in-hospital services. Sarah Jane works with the GreyZone team and owns Lighthouse Healthcare Navigation, PLLC. Sarah Jane’s experience as a hospital administrator gives her a solid foundation navigating the “behind the scenes” complexities of the entire healthcare system including communicating with medical personnel in hospital settings, medical coding, insurance contracts and payment denials. Fifteen years as a registered nurse has taught Sarah Jane many valuable skills. Her time at major, urban, and academic medical centers such as Harborview in Seattle and Weill-Cornell Medical Center in New York City, shaped her early career with rich learning environments. Sarah Jane holds great pride in leading Virginia Mason Medical Center’s efforts to achieve a Comprehensive Stroke Center certification from its regulatory body. Sarah Jane also supported the early creation of a telemedicine program at Virginia Mason Medical Center.

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