Annual Conference 2019 - Understanding Pain & Healing

Bridging the Pain – Healing through Empathy

Presented by Dora Gyamati, BS


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What is Pain: What is it so Difficult for Everyone? 

Presented by David Tauben, MD, FACP

Chronic pain is a common condition affecting at least 50 million US adults, with proportionate burden in children. Pain costs in excess of $700 billion per year, and despite this enormous expense continues to challenge population health. Pain remains very poorly understood by clinicians, patients, and health systems. When doctors, nurses, health systems, patients and their advocates better understand what pain “is” and how it’s assessed we can improve and treatment and outcomes.

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Managing Pain During the Opioid Overdose Crisis

Presented by Steve Stanos, DO

In this presentation, Dr. Stanos will review both historical and current barriers to treating pain. He will also address treating pain amid overprescribing and now over-limiting opioid medications to treat pain. He will describe the state and federal initiatives to improve pain management and opioid addiction. This session will also include a demonstration of relaxation training, including Tai Chi.

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Navigating the Language of Pain

Presented by Sharna Prasad, DPT

Language is the method of human communication. The language of pain is the communication between our clients and our providers. We as providers are sometimes missing the key words used, the metaphors that are telling a story, the body language that is sharing their emotions. We will explore through storytelling and humor how the language of pain once heard can be reconceptualized with compassion and humanity.

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The Leading Edge of Health Advocacy: WASHAA and National Efforts

Presented by Robin Shapiro

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Panel Discussion: Integrative Strategies to Address Pain & Healing

Presented by Steve Overman, MD, MPH

In the face of the opioid epidemic, patients and providers are searching for non-medication answers to solving pain. In this session, Dr. Overman will moderate a discussion among experts in integrative therapies, including the mind-body connection, movement and healing, and cannabis. Dr. Overman will also discuss his recent work in Alaska that integrates mental health and physical health providers to treat patients with better outcomes.

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Creating a Safe Haven

Presented by David Hanscom, MD

The current definition of chronic pain is that it is, “…. an imbedded memory that becomes associated with more and more life experiences and the memory can’t be erased.” One result is sustained levels of stress hormones. The essence of the solution is connecting with your healing capacity and to feel safe. The workshop will present recent neuroscience data regarding the neurological nature of chronic pain and teach strategies that normalize the body’s chemistry.

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